Collegue Majors proyect: An important decision in life, better think it twice!

Hi everyone,

This is my second completed proyect. I have tried to verbalize it much more than my previous one. Constructive feedback will be wellcome!



College Majors_v1.ipynb (464.3 KB)

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hey @Daniel_H

Let’s break the feedback in two parts:

Things that stand out: :ok_hand:

  • the project has it’s own flair and workflow. I guess somewhere you have deviated a bit or modified the instructions from the GP. Apologies if I am wrong (did this project long back).

  • Initial few plots have titles*, labeled axes

  • the sections and sub-sections of the project, the intro part, and the comments in between.

  • use of something like quantile.

Coming to what can be improved:

  • an important decision could possibly be about “getting married”, “taking up a job in a different country”, “listening to Justin Bieber’s Songs” first thing in the morning (or for that matter any time during the day… No offense intended to Beliebers’s just some pun!) and so on.

Point is, your title is catchy, and making it relevant would add to its professionalism.
Perhaps a subtitle below it mentioning College Majors would also do.

  • having a consistent format, like plots in section D, are not as complete as in Sections A to C.

  • having better titles/ subtitles for plots - this of course is a part of our learning journey and even I am learning to do so.

  • there were certain spelling errors too, in the project. Try to proofread your project once before submission. you may take some of the tips from the links mentioned here

Lastly just curious, about printing the results of dataframe(s). You could perhaps use a different cell to display the results.

Happy learning!


Thanks again Rucha for your comments, and for your time. I agree 100% with you, except for the Bieber subject. I have never had to take this important decision. Is there any kind of music appart of rock? :metal:t4: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just a joke…

You’re right about I have deviated a little of the path. As I analised deeper the data, my curiosity grew. And I wanted to respond my own questions. Although I tried to use all tools mentioned at the guide.

Also sorry for my misspellings :grimacing:. English isn’t my maternal tongue and surely I have to improve my grammar too. Sometimes for me it’s tricky working with technical terms. I am working on it (with the help of google translator too…) :smile:

Always improving! Vamos!


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Hi @Daniel_H! Thanks for sharing. I really did like your project.

To what @Rucha has already said I’d add that I liked that you asked the questions you’d like to answer at the beginning and provided a small summary of the results. It helps if a person does not have time to read through the whole project to get answers.

Just a few comments:

  • In the first histograms (men and salary) you may want to limit your y axes to (0, 25) so we can have a better view. The same applies to the women histograms.
  • You may also recall the questions before conclusions, so we can see which are the answers:D

Happy coding!


hi @Daniel_H

disculpas sinceras. No he atribuído, que usted también puede ser un nativo no inglés.

esto se basó en una discusión previa con un compañero de aprendizaje que trabajó en el proyecto por la noche y por lo tanto no se dio cuenta de la revisión ortográfica.

En caso de que yo o cualquier otro miembro de DQ pueda ser de ayuda para usted, háganoslo saber. E incluso yo soy un estudiante como usted, y también aprender a cuidar de la gramática!

El inglés de hecho es un idioma muy divertido! (normalmente decimos esto en la India) :stuck_out_tongue: .

Hey @artur.sannikov96

Thanks for highlighting the technical aspects of the project, I had it in my mind while going through the project, but somehow mixed/missed it with the consistency part. Please do correct my mistakes, make be a pro at data science and overall, then I will write a book to in-turn inspire you to purchase it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Rucha I’d like to read your book when you finished it. Would you send me a free copy?:smiley:

I’m improving in finding small problems in my projects so I become better and better especially when reading the projects of others. Some solutions are incredible!

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Hi @artur.sannikov96 artur.san,

I take good note of your comments for my next proyect. Thanks.