Combining NYC Survey project and responsive Visualization with Plotly!

Using R (i know many prefer Python) i developed the NYC guided project into a blog entry on Medium and shared how i utilized the Plotly package as well as Tableau to bring out the full insights from the NYC school performance data.

Have a read HERE and share feedback!

For those who would like the full R markdown script and visualizations, please read here. A free github page.


Hi Fredrick,

I’d love to review your project but unfortunately I don’t have a paid account on medium :joy: Could you please share a link to nbviewer of github? Thanks!

Hello Elena,
oh sorry about that!
Thankfully i did publish it on a github pages.

You can find it here.

Thank you!

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Hi Frederick,

Your project is absolutely amazing and super-professional, and I’m happy that I insisted for you to show it in an accessible way for me! :grinning: And it was a really cool idea to combine the analysis in R (indeed, there are not so many projects in it here) with Plotly and Tableau. Great storytelling and observations, perfect project structure, awsome visualizations (including my favourite treemap :yum:), well-commented code. You work is just wow! :star_struck:

Just a couple of suggestions:

  • It would be good to add an overall introduction.
  • On the graph for racial composition, the subplots seem a little bit too close to each other, as well as axis annotations. You might consider adding some space between them.
  • Correlation matrix was a bit hard to percept. But probably, because of long and rotated x-axis labels and empty spaces on the sides of the graph.

Anyway, fantastic job your project! :+1: Waiting for the next ones!

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Oh wow, thank you for checking it out.
i really appreciate the feedback and i will certainly work on them.

Looking forward to publishing my next guided project

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