Command line cant find file or directory

Screen Link:

The exercise says I should list contents of home/dq/prize_winners and i keep getting this message, even when I use the solution Dataquest provided

error message:
ls: cannot access dq/prize_winners: No such file or directory

all my lists return the same error, “no such file or directory”
i ran pwd and I am working from home

Hello @rayolufadeju which command are you using?

Being at


Running ls prize_winners will return an error: ls: cannot access prize_winners: No such file or directory because prize_winners is not in /home

Running ls dq/prize_winners should return nothing.

Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 17.30.39


once I refreshed the page and typed the exact same thing, it started to work.

thanks for your help

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I was working on the dataquest site
I refreshed the page and it worked fine.