Command line did not stop running - had to close browser!


In this mission:

When answering the question with

find / '*.b64'

the command line went “crazy” and did not stop finding files.

I had to exit the browser 'cause my laptop was starting to freeze.

Could there be something wrong with Dataquest Platform? This did not seem ok at all…

Any commands run on the Dataquest command line terminal should be safe, right?

:frowning: :scream: :scream:

Hi @julirod

Actually, you are using the wrong syntax.

Syntax:- find [location]  -name [filename]

Please, read the slide carefully.

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Also try this: find / -type f -name "*.b64"

/ means search everything from root directory
-type f means to search files only (no directories etc.)
-name means search for certain names or names containing wildcards.


I did, and I found out it lacked an option. But the thing is: is it not a worrying thing that if someone makes this mistake, the CLI of Dataquest will not stop running?

I believe some platform safety measure would be nice, just in case someone makes the same mistake I did. xD

Thank you :slight_smile:

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