Command Line Issues in Standard Streams and File Descriptors

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I’m having issues with the console in the first step of the Command Line mission Standard Streams and File Descriptors. It’s asking to redirect the stderr of “find -name ‘dq’” to stderr, so i type the following code:

find -name ‘dq’ 2>>stderr

When i run the line, it skips to lines and remove the initial home directory piece and wont let me type or run anything else. Is anybody else experiencing something similar?


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Hi @Alec,

If you are saying that you cannot see the cursor after reaching the end of the terminal, then here is a workaround to fix the issue:

Let me know if you need any further help with it. I would be happy to help you.


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Hi Sahil,

It was a different issue, but I was able to figure it out. Thanks for the help!


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How did you figure it out? Mine won’t work

Mine worked after waiting about 30 seconds.

Don’t write anything during the wait. The code window will update. Then you can input your second line of code and get the go-ahead to move ot the next screen.

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Hi. Here the same issue. Most of all, while trying I accidentally typed

"find / "

and when I sent the command it simply started to act like crazy. Can this be related?
In general I’m having a lot of trouble running command line topics. Is slow and most of the time it seems to have connections issue …

(Updated: Waiting simply solved the problem. I share with you the output it gave “/dataquest/system/libs/dq”. Can somebody help me understand what happened under the hood?)


Thanks for the solution.

@Alec I fixed the same issue with what you did. Thank you!

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