Command Line PSQL commands


This might be a sort of stupid question and I am pretty sure the solution will also be just clicking some button, but I get this same issue everytime. In PSQL after I type in a command (let’s say \l to get a list of databases), I get the expected result, but then the terminal sort of blocks with and “(END)” and I can’t type in new commands. Don’t really understand how to get back to the command line and type in new commands, can someone help?

I get this and then I can’t type anything else:

Answers here should help -

The thing is every time I google it I get the answer how to exit psql, but how do I continue using psql but exit the page where the result of my last command is?
Can you see the difference?

Hmm… I am unable to replicate this behavior on my end, so I, unfortunately, won’t be able to help much beyond this.

Usually, commands like CTRL+C or CTRL+Z help “escape” such a situation. That’s the extent of what I can help with here, sorry.

Hey @bigflores1998

So, I just reached this Mission Step and ran into the same issue as you did.

After some random experimentation, I tried :q (colon followed by a q) and that worked. So, you should be able to use that as well. Just type :q and press Enter.