Communicating Results why are these two apps considered duplicate

I do not understand why these two apps in these rows are considered duplicate
they have different names

Toca Life: City
Fuzzy Numbers: Pre-K Number Foundation

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Hey @jamesberentsen, how are you doing?

Actually these two instances are considered duplicated because they are also located in the dataset as EDUCATION category with the same values, but category. Thus, it is necessary to remove the FAMILY category (for Toca life and Fuzzy numbers apps).

Hope I Could help. If so, please mark my answer as solution.

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Hi there,

Could you please explain further what you mean by same values?
From the screenshot I provided apart from the rating and content rating columns
the values look different to me.

I think I see what you mean if they are in 2 categories then there would be total 4 rows of them since appear twice in 2 different categories.

Okay thanks

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Sure, I try to make a better explanation.

The apps Toca Life and Fuzzy Numbers appear twice in the data set, but within different categories (Education and Family). It means that there are two rows with Toca Life app (one with the category being FAMILY and the other one with the category being EDUCATION) and two rows with Fuzzy Numbers app(one with the category being FAMILY and the other being EDUCATION).

Therefore, we can consider that Toca life and Fuzzy Numbers are duplicated.


I see thanks, have a good day.

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Anytime :grinning: have a great day.