Community Champions of this week - Raduspaimoc and Lavrentiev

Our active Data Science community has become an amazing home for Guided Projects:

  • It’s a great place for you to share your project and receive helpful comments on it. These comments are words of appreciation or constructive feedback for further improvement.
  • It is also an amazing library of projects that allows you to look at how different people have approached the same problem in different ways. This will allow you to “stand on the shoulder of giants” and create your own project by including the best bits from all of them!

Thank you for all your contributions that have made it so! :heart_eyes:

Our Community Champions for this week are - @raduspaimoc and @lavrentiev.max :tada:

Here’s what they shared:

What I really liked :

  • Very well laid out, and excellent use of headings and link embeds.
  • I loved the hexbins. Never heard of this graph before haha!
  • I loved the scatterplot matrices. Excellent choice to show
  • I love the combination of tables and graphs to tell the narrative. You also used a variety of different graphically techniques that makes your project stand out. Very well thought out.
  • This in combination with your Jupyter lab bolding in text (e.g., cell 29) is fantastic!
  • I loved the summary and conclusion at the end. After a thorough analysis, I am glad to see you summarized it.

Amazing work, Champions! Do you have some tips/suggestions that other learners can follow to improve their own learning? :smile:

You can check out other Champions’ projects by visiting the community-champions tag in the Community. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects, learners! :slight_smile:


Congratulations to you both! Great job!

P.s. please ignore my typos and poor grammar :blush:


Thanks for the nomination!

The only tip I would give is to spend some extra time. It took me several nights to make the project in the shape it is now. I was experimenting and trying to learn something new.

There is one other thing I would recommend though: do not do your projects late at night. Or at least proof read them before sharing. I was surprised with how many typos were there when I opened the project today :sweat_smile:


@AWM007 that was a very detailed review. :slight_smile: Thank you for giving time to the community.

@lavrentiev.max and @raduspaimoc Congratulations!

to add to @lavrentiev.max tip, if you are a night :owl: like us, just proofread your project in the morning(whichever hour that is!), and then submit. :grin: