Comparing EUR-USD with EUR-CAD Exchange Rate Trends


I just completed the Guided Project for Data Visualization - Intermediate and am curious what everyone thinks about my intention and method to compare the EUR-CAD trends with the EUR-USD trends.

Here is the original Guided Project description

2.3 Guided Project EUR exchange rates.ipynb (411.8 KB)

Many thanks for your interest.


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Hey @kwu it’s me again!
I am glad you started using x_rates.head() instead of printing it.

Let me just say that I am working on this project too at the moment and I have a brain freeze and came here for ideas to plot. And your plots are SO AMAZING that I’m actually jealous right now :laughing:

This is my favorite figure


I would love to hear your feedback on mine once I am done with it.

One last thing you seem to face a problem here


let me know what you were try to achieve maybe I can help.


Hello @YoussefAlaaEtman,

Thanks very much for taking a look at this project as well.

I think the issue with the ‘Period\Unit:’ was I was overthinking how to format text in the Markdown paragraphs and didn’t actually need to escape the ’ characters. Thanks for offering to help!

I’m glad you liked my plots :partying_face: It wasn’t easy to come up with an angle so I’m happy that I managed to tell some kind of a story.