Comparing Frequency Distribution , Screen-4

In the histogram graphs, the plot starts at a -ve value on x- axis (MIN) for the 1st bin ie; -ve time (mins) . What is the idea.

Hi @sharathnandalike. If I understand correctly, are you asking why the histogram appears to represent negative data for time (MIN) on the x-axis. This is a good question and it uncovers a surprising behavior of ggplot2.

In reality, there is not actually any negative data for time. This is an artifact of how ggplot2 displays data based on default bin width. To correct this default behavior of ggplot2 extra steps need to be taken to specify values for the binwidth argument in geom_histogram() to ensure that the bins only cover the true range (min & max values) of the data. We learned how to perform this correction in this screen.

Thanks for all of your great questions!