Completed 2nd Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hi reader,
I completed the 2nd Guided Project, its a great learning process for a beginner like me. I am quite good in technical things, but writing/designing reports is not my thing, so it will be appreciated if you can give comments/advice regarding the style, wordings etc for this project to improve it look wise or if you find any weakness in the coding part, also comment on that.


Project File:
Basics.ipynb (11.9 KB)

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Hi @saad.5690,

Your project looks good. Everything is nicely done and code looks neat. I feel that maybe you can add a bit more explanation in the markdown cells and maybe a few more inline comments to explain the code. On a later day it will be helpful to you yourself to understand the code and logic faster.

One last suggestion is that you can mention in which timezone this data was gathered and analysed. And you can convert it into your local timezone, if you wish. But more importantly the conclusion should have 3pm of which timezone is the best time to post. I hope this helps.