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Completed Guided Project 2 (Hacker News Average Counts)

Hello there, I’m really excited to have completed this project without as much difficulty as the Guided Project 1. I’m curious if anyone would be willing to take a look at my work and let me know what they think and areas for improvement. This was a lot of fun and I felt much more comfortable navigating the site for help as well as Google. I thank you for any feedback or advice you may have.

Guided_Project_Exploring_Hacker_News.ipynb (16.8 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Best regards.

First of all congratulations @aarong98104 , finishing a project is always pleasant and more when you have enjoyed it.

I also really liked this project so if you allow me I will tell you a couple of things that in my opinion can make the work look better.

  • The first thing is to have some notions of Markdown Guide. It is important because what we do is tell a story. The person who looks at ours does not have to understand anything about programming. Everything in between is simply a process that has to be as well documented as possible and that is where md is important.

  • Another thing that occurs to me to tell you and without trying to bother you is that you explain the steps you are taking so that the plot thread of the story has a meaning and whoever reads it understands why you have come this far.

    • Loading data
    • Exploring first lines
    • Index vs. Content
    • Dicctionary for (anykind of purpose)
    • . . .

I hope I have helped you even a little bit, if you take the taste to the md you will see that things will have a much more professional look and you will see how you have a better time.


Alberto, thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to give me a few pointers. Admittedly, I went very simple on the Markdown and in-code Comments as I was more focused on finishing the project. I will definitely make sure that my next project has and increased amount of continuity for understanding the process I’m showcasing in both style and understanding. I’ll check out some of your work for pointers! Thanks again.


Thanks to you.

When I started in DQ I also want to go as fast as possible finalizing the projects, that’s something I think happens to all of us.

If you allow me the comment since you have the mechanics done, maybe redoing the project to get more info and also put some markdown content will surely give you a different vision about what you achieve.

When I did this project I get the most influencers on the post, feel free to explore, do what the project says but also make questions about the topic.


  • Like this image, you can insert images from everywhere as simple as this, and power-up your analiysis.
  • ii

Ok Sir, I getta go, hoping no bother anybody. :sweat_smile:


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No bothers at all, sir. I really appreciate your advice. I’m excited to get better with each step I take. I’ll reach out again, soon.


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@aarong98104 good job :smiley: :+1: on your project. Despite being a small project you’ve put some significant effort in explaining the output which is definitely helpful to the reader. A few hopefully helpful pointers I’d like to add are given below:

Presentation Style
  • Include a proper introduction and conclusion section. They are especially useful to readers who want to a quick overview of your project and don’t have the time to read.
  • Add a link to where the reader can access the dataset, this should be available in the page where Dataquest introduces the project.
  • Seeing as this project mostly consists of terminal outputs and since you have yet to get in to visualizations, you could format your output with color or boldening. e.g The output for cell [7] could look like:
    The average number of ask comments is 14.04
    Check this for the same. This could help to differentiate your code from your output
Coding Style
  • You seem to have commented on each step trying to explain what you are trying to do. This can be avoided in its entirety in the final iteration (i.e. when you clean up this project and put this out). Your current comments should help during that review. In the final version you could put down simple comments like #Calculate average number of show comments for cell [7] so its helpful to both dev and non-dev readers.
  • I feel its good practice that your round your outputs instead of outing the non-rounded values like in cell [11]. A simple numpy.round() should help with this regard.
  • I could not find any issues but I haven’t gone too deep in to your code.
  • Once you have gotten a hold on visualization. I recommend that you re-do this project and add a couple of visualizations .
  • Also you could look in to creating separate sections like Introduction, Reading and Exploring the Data (for cells [3], [4] and [5]) etc.

Hope that is helpful. Keep this energy :boom: going

Thank you for taking the time to look over my project. You as well as Alberto are right on regarding suggestions and I appreciate the advice. Here’s to bigger and better work. Also I took a look at your updated version of the App Store Guided Project and the matplotlib, bold headers and clean flow make it very understandable. I hope to trade insights again. Thank you.


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