Concatenate question from beginner

I am a beginner trying to concatenate various columns that contain text or a date. If the column has a field than I want to include it and put a “/” after it. I want to do this with a series of columns that have values. If they have no values then I do not want to include the data for that column nor “/”. I only want to combine the columns that have data and add “/” after each value.

What is the best way to approach this?

Thank you.

Can you be little more specific.

Are all the columns in separate series? I am thinking pandas dropna(axis=1) would eliminate all columns that don’t have values.

As far as putting a slash behind it, do you mean the column title or the values in the concat column?

Hi @ps1, welcome to the community!

As @chase.cribbet said, can you provide a few more details in order to help you out? If you could provide the data or a subset of the data you are working with, it would help a lot. Also, if you could do a mockup of the output you are trying to generate it would also help visualize what you are trying to do.