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Conditional Statements: how to find back the 'additional excercises'


I just completed a mission (in Introduction to Python), and on the Takeaway page
I got a pop-up that invited me to do some ‘additional exercises’ (or something like that, I don’t recall the precise formulation). Which would help me later, so the pop-up told.

I first wanted to download the takeaways as .pdf though, so I clicked that first.
After doing that, the pop-up with the invitation to do the additional exercises was… gone.

The question is: how can I still find those?
I tried already with going back, re-entering the page, etc,. but to no avail.
Anyone knows?

Best regards,

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Hi @jasperquak,

Here is a direct link to the practice problem for that mission:

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Sahil. That practice link is for a specific mission. Is there a way to navigate through the website to get all the practice problems available?

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@Sahil I am also wondering about how to access all the problems… it seems like you cannot navigate to them afterwards.

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Thanks Sahil, that helps indeed! As per the other comments to this post, it would be very helpful if you can just navigate to these additional exercises at any time.
In the meantime, I completed a next mission (Dictionaries and Frequency Tables) and that came with additional exercises as well. Doing those exercises is helpful indeed! However, I could not complete them all in one session, and wanted to continue later. Having learnt from my previous experience, I saved for myself the link of the page where I was left
so I could continue later. But wouldn’t it be better if I could re-access this without having to save the link?

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Hi @manil.pod, @michael.gagliano11, @jasperquak,

Sorry for the confusion. We were just testing this feature and were showing it to only a few students. I will send all the available practice problem links as a direct message to you.


Ah, good to know, I (obviously) wasn’t aware of that. (And thanks for the links.) If you are interested in my feedback:

  • It’s good to have additional exercises, they are helpful. I learnt from them. My call would be to incorporate them into the ‘regular’ learning program. (Possibly as something ‘optional’.)
  • Some exercises that I did were a bit difficult in a sense that I had to do things that I think I had not really learnt (yet). I needed to refer to Hints or even Solution to complete them. (But maybe that’s just me.)

Thank you so much! I will pass it to the content team.

Yes it would be very helpful to be able to re-access the additional practice problems if I can’t complete them in one session. I have run into this problem twice so far and I find the additional practice helpful but can’t find where to finish them.