Constantly running into the '3.0M' problem

Hello all. I’ve people’s problems with not being able to convert the number of reviews from string to float because of one line. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I keep running into that issue as well after I have deleted the line. I’ve even written a code to say if the string ‘3.0M’ is found in app[3], then print the row index. Nothing prints, yet I still get the ValueError: could not convert string to float: ‘3.0M’

Help.ipynb (6.4 KB)

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Hi @shin.lee.310:

This topic has been mentioned in the community here. In future, please mission link.

@ shin.lee.310 Shin Lee 310, You have to complete the error finding part and deleting the error causing row before going to this part, (please, look at the following pictures).

And you are doing wrong at this part too,
you didn’t define the variable row anywhere, but you’re telling to print this, besides in case of android data set, there is no value like “3.0M”. You can omit this part, please follow the code of above pictures.

I thought I had done that on step 4 in the picture below. I do not see why the code still thinks 3.0M is there when the row has been deleted.

Hi! shin.lee.310 Shin Lee 310
I think that I’ve finally found out the problem, you determined the index number and delete the error causing entry from your android. But it’s still in android_data. You should determine the index number and delete the error causing entry from your android_data since you will be working on that in your next step.