Converting table in pdf to xsls using Excel or Power BI

Question: How do I convert tables from pdf to xsls using Excel or Power BI?

Hi @liana,

I don’t have a 100% answer here, but as you mention MS products.
My personal work around is to screen capture the table from the PDF document into OneNote.
Using OneNote OCR I was able then to copy paste the columns into Excel.
Unfortunately the OCR does not work 100% so you need to tidy up your excel sheet, visually cross checking its content vs the original PDF table.

Hi @liana, To convert pdfs to xsls using excel, you need to open the pdf file with MSword as a word document file, then open a new excel file and copy the word doc content and paste into the excel file.

i hope this helps

Thanks. This unfortunately did not work. I ended up with all the columns in one single column. The PDF is not user friendly.

Thanks. Due to the structure of the PDF I ended up with small columns inside the word document. Your input however made me think of an alternative: imported the PDF into PowerBI, then did a bit of reorganizing and then copied it into an Excel spreadsheet. Still needs a lot of work, but manageable.