Correct Coding Would Not Plot Histogram

Screen Link:

My Code:
means =

for i in range(10000):
sample = houses[‘SalePrice’].sample(100, random_state=i)

plt.xlabel(‘Sample mean’)

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What I expected to happen:
I expected a Histogram to plot.

What actually happened:
No histogram plotted.

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I generated my own code first with no histogram plotting. Then I copied the answer coding and pasted that in the code entry area. Even with the Dataquest answer, Histogram would not plot.

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Hi Bruce,

Try to add at the end of your code and re-run it again.

Thanks Elena.
I did do that at the time and it didn’t help.
After a while, I thought I may have executed some coding that sort of gave the Dataquest system problems. So, I figured if I exited from Dataquest training and then got back in, it might execute with a plot.
It did so without the statement.