COVID-19 Spread Progression in Brazil

Hello everyone!
I’ve completed 19% of the Data Scientist In Python path, and I just finished the ‘‘Storytelling Through Data Visualization’’ course, which I enjoyed a lot. So I figured I would do something with what I’ve just learned. And I wanted to make a gif showing the virus progression here in Brazil. My final result was this one:
‘Casos confirmados de COVID-19 no Brasil’ : ‘Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Brazil’
‘Dia : Day’
‘Fonte dos dados : Data source’)

I am pretty happy with the results, and this will surely give me more motivation to keep going. I hope that all of us can keep on finding projects that we would like to work on, and use them to enrich our learning experience.
Also, I would like to share my ipynb and ask for reviews from the more experienced users. Thanks for reading =)

covid_br.ipynb (2.9 MB)

I used this guide to make the gif:

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


hey @samyrhelou

This is not a review. The filter of more experienced learners only has disqualified me already! :grin:

Not going into the COVID-19 side of the story; technically this is just fantastic, inspiring and definitely motivating!

Thank you for sharing this project with DataQuest Community. :+1:


@samyrhelou Wow, this looks great!
I’m only at the early stages of learning Data Analysis (definitely less experienced than you) and I hope I can get to this point soon :slight_smile:

I also created a project related with Covid-19, it’d be great if you check it.

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Hey @Cananc ! Pretty sure we’re on the same level, I just googled stuff up haha. Will definitely check it! Where can I find it?

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@samyrhelou here it is:

Hey @samyrhelou,

This is wonderful, Very vivid and smooth visualizations.
I have worked with something on similar lines with regards to the spread of COVID-19
Here check out my project -

It’s not much, but I am sure it could help you expand your project further.
Thank you
Raj Tulluri

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Wow, this is amazing. Will for sure study it and try to make some changes to my project. Thank you so much for sharing =)))

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