Create a new cell with just the variable autos and run this cell

I’m not really sure what this question supposed to mean… create a new cell as in a row or column? so I should create an empty row/column? with the variable autos, so attached empty cell with autos variable? this doesn’t make sense…

The inner bullets say about showing the first and last few rows. I thought that was the next instructions?

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Hey @ melo.sarom , creating a new cell simply means creating another work area in which you could type your code in your jupyter notebook.

You can do this by simply doing shift + enter on your jupyter notebook. This should run the existing cell and create another cell below.

For better understanding, you could look at this [cheat sheat](]

I see… Thanks!

I think this instruction should be rephrase something like ‘Run the new variable autos on a new cell of your Jupyter notebook’.

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I guess so too mate!.

Happy learning!!!

simply, you can go to menu bar and click insert then option insert cell below
and state the variable autos.

the next instruction means you run the cell with autos, you can control enter, this should give you a short a collapsed few first almost 20 rows and last almost 20 rows.
Just the below code and run


I got stuck on the same question and so ended up on this thread. I agree that it should be rephrased differently :wink: