Create Power BI Visuals - Line Chart

I’m attempting the step 5/11 for creating visual in Power BI. I did the Sales by Year plot but it shows a flat line. All years have the same sales value. Do I need to correct something in the source table?

Hi @carenec.receipt

It’s a bit difficult to understand. Have you tried this step on your local desktop? Is it possible for you to share the “.PBIX” file. Or perhaps detail the steps with the help of screenshots.

I can’t replicate the visual you have got on either the DQ workspace or my local desktop. Have you tried to re-attempt it from start?

Hi Rucha

I got it to work. I missed to use the ‘Date’ > ‘Year’ column from the SalesFact table. I originally used the ‘Year’ column from the Date table hence the error.