Created Dashboard For Star Wars Survey

I was inspired to revisit the Star Wars Survey project after viewing other peoples uploaded projects. I decided to redo the project using Plotly Express for the graphs and create a dashboard with Dash. Finally I uploaded it to heroku:

My goal was to give people a chance to drill down within the data based on region and by 2 optional binary categorical variables: gender, star wars fan, star trek fan, seen all episodes, over 60 years old.

I really wanted a map on the dashboard so I arbitrarily assigned states to each location. Then I rolled the 9 locations up to 5 regions to try to get a pretty even distribution of respondents per region.

Plotly Express and Dash are great! Dash_Bootstrap_Components was used so a css file was not needed! One great thing about using Plotly for the graphs is you can set the hover data so the user can hover the mouse over bars and wedges and get useful information.

Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Will upload the jupyter notebooks to github soon. Thinking about using this as a portfolio project for the resume. It was a lot of fun to work on and should be fun to talk about.

Hope everyone’s studies are going well.