Creating a directory in home directory 385-1

Modifying The Filesystem | Dataquest

My Code:

/home/dq$ mkdir brets

DQ’s solution is mkdir /home/dq/brets.

Mission is to create a directory within home directory
Am not sure about the placement of mkdir. As per the lesson, it should be “mkdir brets” and not the code starting with mkdir as per DQ.

Also i am unable to type DQ 's solution in the DQ console by typing mkdir first, the prompt is displayed after mkdir/dq.

However i can see that new directory ‘brets’ has been created:

Hey. I’m generally having a hard time understanding what your questions are. I’ll give it a shot.


I don’t know what you mean by this, specifically "placement of mkdir".

They both work. We want to create the directory brets in /home/dq.

I don’t know what you mean. Can you show us this?

This doesn’t look right. For instance, you should have the directory dir2 in there, but it’s not. What we see is dir2,.

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