Criticize My Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts

Criticize My Guided Project: Exploring Hacker News Posts

Exploring Hacker News - Analysis-checkpoint.ipynb (16.8 KB)

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Hi @karimyousrymohamedom

Thanks for sharing your project on Exploring Hacker News posts. The project is nicely organized and well presented. The introduction, aim/goal/objectives, the information background of the dataset, the comments,explanations given in the markdown cell are very informing and well detailed.
I love your conclusion , the summary is just wonderful, keep it up mate.
I have got two humble suggestions;

  • I think the outputs in cell[3] could have been more presentable if they were accompanied with some explanations or just adding string to them like β€œthe length of Ask post is 1744” and so on. Having them independent will somehow be a challenge to some of the readers who may find the code lines complex to understand.
  • The outputs in cell[5],[6],[7], would be more readable if were displayed vertically, and to achieve that you can always avoid the print() function.

Otherwise to me, everything looks nice and well worked, congratulations mate!

Happy learning!

Thanks @brayanopiyo18 for the feedback and surely will consider it and improve my projects

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