Ctrl-enter or other keyboard shortcut for 'Run' in the activities?

I am new to Dataquest and was wondering whether there is a way to activate ctrl-enter or some other keyboard shortcut- I am used to interfaces that allow this and it has become a habit.

hey @lafantasie.jj

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are you talking about this?

Yes, thank you!!! Did you hover to see that, or is there a tutorial that I have missed or something?

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hover. I took almost two courses to realize that :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL- thank you so much!

I have been using alt+enter, but unfortunately alt+space does not work for me. Any idea if I somehow can customize it? I am using chrome on Windows 7. Thanks.

hey @haqi

I started with and have been using Edge for the DQ dashboard, and on that, both the buttons shortcuts work. I don’t think we can change the settings as they should be a global design of the console.

@Sahil any suggestions?

hi @Rucha, I didn’t think of using other browsers.
I just tried Firefox and Edge and still alt+space isn’t meant to run the code. I think this is windows default, so there is nothing I can do.
Anyway, is it a good idea to just skip the run button and hit alt+enter to directly submit the code?

Hey @haqi

I use edge myself, it works on that. not sure why it doesn’t work for you. the syntactical errors will be highlighted either way.
however, if you are performing intermediate testing then “submit” will keep popping your answer is incorrect/ code doesn’t match. if you can take that without getting agitated :stuck_out_tongue: during your testing then you should be good to use “submit” directly.

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Hi @haqi,

This has been frequently reported to us by Windows users. So we are planning to change the run code shortcut to Shift + Enter. I will let you know once we have implemented this change.


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Hi All,

Finally! Run Code shortcut has been changed to Shift + Enter. :tada: