Daily streak total - guided projects and practice sets

Hey all

Do guided projects now count towards your daily streak totall?

I read here: https://support.dataquest.io/en/articles/262-what-is-a-learning-streak

that it doesn’t, however I just completed one and it increased my streak… (which I am very happy about :smiley: !!)

I’m hoping that they now do, because I have limited free time and really want to maintain my daily streak, so if I can’t do a project + lesson in a day … :frowning:

on the topic, does anyone know if practice sets now also increase your daily streak? I’m hoping that the information in the support article is outdated.


It’s been a while since I participated in this program but when I did, the practice sets where the best way to keep a streak alive. I’m surprised that the guided project kept your streak going since they don’t have an “answer checking” screen which is what’s used to keep the streak going (as far as I understand anyway…)

I had a 60 day streak going and was seeing many in the discord channel saying they had lost their streak for one reason or another so I got really paranoid over losing mine. I go into the habit of checking my streak on the dashboard and then doing a couple practice screens and then checking with the dashboard to make sure the number increased. I also had days where I just didn’t have the time to do a full session of studying so the practice problems were great for that.

One final caveat I feel I should share: resetting your progress on a lesson or a set of practice problems make them eligible for keeping your streak alive. Repeating previously completed screens will not.

Best of luck with your streak and happy learning!

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Thanks, Mike!

I wonder if it now increases if you get a green tick in the learning path, regardless if it’s a lesson or a project now?

Also, how do you reset your progress for a practice set? I can’t see how to do that. Would be helpful as I’d like to revisit some old sets.

You could be right…the green tick is a powerful thing! :sunglasses:

You can reset your progress by opening the menu in the lower left of your screen and scrolling to the bottom of all the screens listed and selecting Reset Progress.

Here are some screenshots to show you what I mean:

You may need to scroll down to see the option to reset

Also, FYI, I changed the category of this post from Share → Q&A since you had a question and weren’t looking to share a project or some other resource.

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