Dashboards with Python

You have probably often heard that it is impossible to create a web panel using Python alone and that you need to perform data processing in a web frame (Django, Flask, Sanic…). Then create the visual part using JavaScript (commonly called the D3 library.js). Or you will be prompted to use the R language to solve the problem.

Fortunately, this is not the case, refer to the Dash library built on the plotly library


Dash allows you to create a dashboard using only Python, react is used to create an interface, and Python code is dynamically converted to React, so we get a full-featured dashboard initially associated with our code and data that is entirely in your hands

Dash is a young and fast-growing library, but it can help you right now if you need to visualize your data online


Any good tutorials for this library; I love it but don’t find any good tutorials to learn the nuances of this visualization tool. @moriturus7

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Since this is a fairly young library, unfortunately there are not so many tutorials

You should start with the official website

Just do not forget that Dash is created on top of the library Plotly, and therefore almost all the designs from plotly you can use

sentdex leads a good youtube channel with a blog, there are articles dedicated and Dash


The community is quite active and there you can ask questions

And of course, to study other people’s projects


Hey, @moriturus7

This might be a dumb question, so sorry in advance, but do you know if it would be able to passt vega/vega-lite charts to plotly/dash?

I really like the altair library for plotting visualisations and I know it takes my python code and translates it into JavaScript to plot the charts - I guess dash does the same thing under the hood.

So, what I wanted to do is to create the charts with altair, so that I don’t have to learn the grammar of another visualisation library and pass the json structure of the chart (which you can get in altair by the method Chart.to_json()) to the plotly library.

Do you think this would be possible ?

I’m not sure how JavaScript works, so I don’t know if the D3 library that plotly/dash uses is compatible with the vega/vega-lite library. So that’s why I’m asking.

Thanks in advance.

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