Greetings all,
Here is my third project. kindly go through and feel free to let me have your feedback.
Thank you.

Data-Analysis-of-Hacker-News-Posts.ipynb (20.7 KB)

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Hello @cayodey

  • Just had a quick look at your project, it’s so concise and to the point. Making readers understand what the project is about in a very easy way.
  • You’ve added comments as well supporting the code.
  • Overall, a great project. Don’t have much to add apart from this, because the project is to the point, clear and easy to read. :slight_smile:

Hello @vishallbabu5
Thanks so much for the review.

Hi @cayodey ,

Great project. It was very easy to follow and well organized. After a quick review, without running the code, I could follow along and understand your final conclusion. The formatting was clear and the code was concise. You did a great job of comments and dividing your code into sections. I really enjoyed reading your project- very well done!

I did have a question - why are there two ask_posts lists on In [4]?

Thanks for the review. it is really appreciated.

The ask_posts list supposed to be only one, having two is a duplicate and an oversight, thank you for calling my attention to this.

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