Data Analysis of Helicopter Prison escapes across different Countries

Hello Everyone, This is my first Jupyter project, I hope it was a great one , I wish to complete more Data Projects

Guided Project_ Prison Break.tar (84.5 KB)

Basics.ipynb (78.6 KB)
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Hello @oluwatobiadebanji .

Great job completing the project and thank you for sharing it.

In terms of following Dataquest’s instructions, you did really well. Keep it up.

The following suggestions only apply if you want to work further on the project:

  1. Add an introduction to explain to the readers about your project and what you’re trying to find out.
  2. The title can be more descriptive. A good title, most of the time, will tell the reader the general idea about your project even before they’ve read the introduction.
  3. Add block comments as needed. It helps your readers and your future selves to understand more about what the section of code is trying to accomplish.
  4. Add titles, xlabels, and ylabels to your graphs especially if you intend to share them.
  5. Add a conclusion. Give the readers something that they can take away from the project e.g. summary of the main findings.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

Keep up the good work. Cheers.

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Hi @oluwatobiadebanji, you’ve done great work in addition to what @wanzulfikri, you can dig deeper and check for the following

  • plotting a graph for the country where the most escape occurs
  • Check for the month that prison break occurs the most
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