Pretty good project. I wish there was more visualization but we’re just getting started right? haha

Data-Analysis-on-free-Android-and-iOS-apps.ipynb (64.0 KB)

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Hi @dh7hong! Thanks for sharing your project with the Community. You have a nice project and I especially liked your comments on the code, these are very useful for your and others’ reference in order to understand the code.

However, there are some suggestions from my side:

  • Most of your analysis is a copy-paste from the DQ solution notebook. Try to analyze the data autonomously to comprehend better the concepts of data analysis
  • At some point, you stopped commenting on the code. Do it all the time you think it may not be clear at the first glance
  • Also add comments to your functions. You can use docstrings for this purpose
  • In the Data Cleaning part motivate your decisions: provide the link to the thread that found the error in row 10473
  • Describe the data set you’ve used. Provide the link to the source and briefly explain what these data sets are about. It’s also a good idea to link data dictionaries
  • Limit the length of the displayed output. You don’t need every single genre/category to be displayed since you are interested only in the most popular ones
  • Rerun the notebook after you finished the project to make code cell numbers consecutive

That’s it for me. Happy coding :smile: