Data analytics mentor

Hello, I am interested in data analytics but I lack a mentor, anyone willing to assist me in this field? thanks in advance

Dataquest Community is always there to help you in all sorts. Do let me know if I can be of any assistance? :+1:t5:

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Hi @michaelanjia, welcome back to the community! As @pablajaspreet94 has mentioned, you have the whole DQ community to assist you in your learning journey. Never hesitate at all to come to the community to seek help on any problems or challenges.

Happy learning!

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Hello @pablajaspreet94 considering all the codes one has to go through to learn data science, please what’s the best way to keep all these codes in memory?

Hi @emekannanna, check out these posts: Unable to remember and Thinking programmatically. You will find some relevant responses to your question.

As said by @enext7771, these posts will tell you how to learn data science.

Best way to keep code in memory is to keep it in SSD/HDD and not in RAM of your brain. :joy: just joking.

Do go through the posts. If any further guidance is required do let know.

@enext7771 thanks a lot, I will go through the materials.

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@pablajaspreet94 :smile: thanks a lot

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