Data Cleaning and Exploration Using Csvkit

/home/dq$ csvgrep -c 2 -i -9 Combined_hud.csv > positive_ages_only.csv```

What I expected to happen: I am expecting to use the -i argument to select all rows from coloumn 2 that are not -9 and add them to positve_ages csv file.

What actually happened: I am getting unrecorgnized argument Combined_hud.csv 

csvgrep: error: unrecognized arguments: Combined_hud.csv```

Hi @chosum.tashi

I was able to do it without error. Do you mind refreshing the screen and trying again?

Hello Ryan, in the initial code I didnt have the flag “m” only “i” which was giving me the error but using the flag “m” and “i” allowed me to successfully run the code. thank you

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No worries @chosum.tashi! Sometimes we do need someone else to look at our code!

Happy learning!