Data cleaning basics, screen 11

“After running your code, use the variable inspector to look at the difference between value_counts_before and value_counts_after .”

Actually there are no any values for No OS and macOS in value_counts_after. I can not see any reason why. Please could you help me and explain why they are missing?

Hi @0bdf48d394cc45dc. On this screen (mission link) we’re trying to fill in some of the null values in the os_version column based on information from the os column. We replaced all the null values in the os_version column in the rows with either macOS or No OS in the os column. When we run the code for the variable value_counts_after, we’re looking for the null values that are still remaining in the os_version column for each OS. Since we filled in the values for macOS and No OS, we should expect not to see them in our value_counts_after variable. If we did, it would mean that we missed something and didn’t get those null values filled in properly.

I hope that helps!

I see, Thank you very much!
Best regards!

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