Data cleaning: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Hi again!
This is my project regarding employee exit surveys,
i have SettingWithCopyWarning/s and i don’t how to handle them, can someone suggest any solution on this? and why thy appear?
Is this a good project to be presented in a portfolio?
Any other feedback is more than welcomed!
Clean_And_Analyze_Employee_Exit_Surveys.ipynb (212.7 KB)

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Hello @nikdimi, thanks for sharing your work.

The project looks amazing.

  • add more explanations to some cells.
  • Provide a conclusion on what you were finding out.
  • As you continue Learning, remember to add visualizations (plots) to your project.

Happy Learning!


Hi Victor,
Thank you for the feedback!
I will try to improve the mention points!

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Hey @nikdimi

This is really a good project and you can definitely add this to your portfolio. How?

  • When you give more clear picture to your project like(Intro, goal, conclusion/ findings, explanations, value added etc)

  • And also plots are very important in every project, it doesn’t mean that we should go for some fanciest stuff here , we just need to focus on our point by plotting an appropriate plot. This will also help us to avoid writing long code for the context you are actually mentioning in your project.

Thanks again for sharing your work



Hi @prasadkalyan05.

Thank you for your time!
Do you mean to add separate headlines for each step right?

For the plots you are right as well, i have to add them through out the project.ct.

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Yes. Indeed!

Keep learning and Keep sharing!

Cheers :blush:

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