Data Cleaning Project Basics - Review and Feedback Required

Hello Everyone,
I am sharing my project of Data Cleaning. Please take time to look through it and please let me where I can improve.

Thank You.
Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys.ipynb (156.6 KB)

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hi @parthpatel9414

This is a delayed welcome! and response. We somehow missed your post :frowning:

Based on a quick read through your project, I wish to say this looks a neat project.

  • You have added markups with brief descriptions about steps also intro about the project.
  • The codes are accompanied by comments as well.

Would like to know if you have completed the additional questions as well and they are not being rendered by the Jupyter nbviewer? My own project got truncated actually, although the .ipynb file renders it correctly when downloaded.

Hello Ruchi, I have not Completed additional questions. Thanks for looking into it.

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