Data Cleaning Walkthrough: Analyzing and Visualizing the Data(tags:138-7)

My question is:

1- On page 7 why we changed our perspective from Total_number of enrolment to ell(English learners) how we decided to go for that specific column?

I have done the research as proposed by DQ in Google, most of the schools were English Schools
What I don’t understand they are literally teaching languages to immigrants and new English learners or they are just simply teach everything in general like a normal school but in English?

If the first case is true then that makes sense, otherwise, enlighten me, please.

Appreciate your help.

Hi Mohammad. Can you post a link to the lesson you’re referring to? I’m not sure if I’ve done that one yet or not…

Edit: My apologies, I haven’t done this one yet but I managed to construct a link to this mission and on page 7, it explains why we would want to switch our perspective from Total_number to ell_percent:

“This indicates that it’s actually ell_percent that correlates strongly with sat_score, rather than total_enrollment.”

Essentially, the reason for the shift is because the data is indicating our relationship is coming from a subset of the data rather than the entire set. Best thing to do: plot it out and see what happens!

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your reply,
I believe we concluded to choose ell_percent all because most samples are within low_enrollment and in fact all those English schools belonged to students who literally wanted to learn the English language as most of the pupils were immigrants. and this was my conclusion for this.