Data Cleaning With R 2/12

Screen Link:
My Code:
sat_results ← sat_results > mutate(
‘SAT Critical Reading Avg. Score’ = as.numeric(‘SAT Critical Reading Avg. Score’),
‘SAT Math Avg. Score’ = as.numeric(‘SAT Math Avg. Score’),
‘SAT Writing Avg. Score’ = as.numeric(‘SAT Writing Avg. Score’)

sat_results_clean ← sat_results > mutate(
avg_sat_score = (‘SAT Critical Reading Avg. Score’ + ‘SAT Math Avg. Score’

  • ‘SAT Writing Avg. Score’)

What I expected to happen:
I expected that the data types of the following columns will change from character to numeric. Also there will be a new column named avg_sat_score saved in the sat_results_clean data frame.

What actually happened:

It is showing a warning message. Also, there was no new column.

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