Data Cleaning Workthrough Schools Folder

Hi All,

In the Data Cleaning Work through course it is mention that the csv and txt files are located in a Schools folder.

Does anyone know how to access this “schools” folder ? I would like to download the files locally to my laptop so I can follow up the course in my local Jupyter Notebook.

Thanks in advance,

For any future questions, please make sure you also share the link to the Mission in your post.

You can download the data from the Guided Project Mission - Just download the project and you should have the schools folder with all the files.

Thanks a lot the_doctor. I really appreciate the guidance!

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Hi Guido, If you want to see all the file, just click on File and then Open... .
You will see all the files there (.csv etc…). I think ths is what you were looking for :blush:Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 02.21.50

Another Way would be clicking on Jupyter notebook logo, will open directory tree.


Thank you guys for your advice !