Data Engineer Path missions not updated correctly


I finished Data Analyst and Dats Scientist with Python Path and i’m willign to dive into Data engineer path.

Though most of the missions I completed with those previous tracks are not updated correctly on the data engineer path. Could you fix it for me?



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I noticed this too. It’s quite annoying and inconvenient. I hope they fix it soon. It makes for a bad user experience

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Hi @siftnoorsingh,

Sorry for late response. 4 courses in the Data Engineer path is almost the same as the one in Data Scientist in Python path. And they are:

  1. Python Fundamentals
  2. Python Intermediate
  3. SQL Fundamentals
  4. Intermediate SQL for Data Engineering

The only difference is that each of these courses are slightly tailored towards teaching Data Engineering. Because of this, our system is unable to consider it as the same course. That being said, if you wish I can mark these courses as complete from my end.