Data Science Additional Resources

Can anyone recommend resources to better understand the data science concepts. I downloaded a free book that didn’t help much. I just think i need a little extra help solidifying what im learning. Maybe a book or a game app? Tutorial?

Like i don’t feel fully prepared to tackle a guided project.



Hi @erin.mccool,

I am not sure whether this will help but you can try this book:


Thanks Sahil. I already found this. Ill try to work through it. Please let me know if there’s anything even more basic.

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Hi @erin.mccool,

Is there a mission that you didn’t understand thoroughly? This will help me to understand what you are looking for.


Basically the guided project. I posted another question about that too called guided project question. That explains my issues in detail.

Hi @erin.mccool

Let me suggest you a time consuming but potentially helpful approach.

  1. Complete the Guided Project on your own without looking at the solution, if you get stuck, just move one with whatever you got.
  2. Read through the Dataquest solution, and take notes of eureka moments.
  3. Make changes to your guided project.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until you are satisfied.

This way, you are not copying the guided project, you are learning from it.

We cannot prepare ourselves for a project, this is because each project is different and so are the challenges we face. So, just do the project with your current knowledge and then improve it.


Hi Erin,
A tip…
When you are going through the sections, take notes and make sure you keep a running log of the commands you are learning. Look them up on YouTube or other websites if you do not understand. I like programiz or the documentation. Get used to reading the documentation. Don’t be overwhelmed by it… Go for what you need and get out. You are not a computer needing to memorize all of this. As time goes on more words become relevant to you in the documentation and it gets easier. Babies don’t learn to read encyclopedias :slight_smile:

Another thing i found very, very helpful is to download the documents/datasets which are associated with the missions/lessons and to experiment before moving on.

I have anecdotal evidence, from myself, between doing it that way and not. After doing this approach when I reach the guided project, I can get through them pretty easily. It takes time and focus to go through these slowly and painstakingly but the information sticks more if you do it this way. Practice is key,

Also check out a website called:
I used this for about 10 days just to solidify most of the basic commands. You can get to the HARD level questions just from what you learn in the first two python courses on Dataquest + Stackoverflow + google :slight_smile:

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