Data Set sources on the web

Hello Community,

I just finished the Data Science with Python path, and I want to thank Dataquest for such an excellent course.

I’m looking for the best places on the web for data sets so I can work on some projects of interest, things like astronomy, helping doctors to analyze a patient’s condition(s), and alternative energy.

My access runs out on April 5th so if you have some thoughts or ideas please share.


David Watson

hi David (@gingerbread1468)

Congratulations on completing the Data Science Track :+1: and thank you for your compliments. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

The datasets are available almost like oxygen! :stuck_out_tongue: all you may need to do is filter and then breath in. (a pathetic comparison I know!).

You can check “Kaggle”, “Github”, even Tableau Datasets from Tableau official website (they are free!). Check out these posts for starters (some of the links provided in these posts might take you to github and kaggle itself):

I added alternative energy to my search and got this website:

I am a learner too, so sincere apologies if they don’t help you much. :frowning:

All the very best for your future endeavors. :handshake: