Data Storytelling: Friends TV Series

I have recently created a dashboard in Tableau for Friends TV Series. Please do provide your feedback on how to make it more appealing to viewers.
It’s my first time trying out Tableau and Figma. I have used Figma for enhancing the background design.
Link for the dashboard: Tableau Dashboard



The design is beautiful and the way in which the data is presented is very very authentic.

I can’t tell you if relationships are missing or not missing because we can’t see the dataset as we do with pandas, but beauty, it is. :wink:

I take note of Figma to see what I find…

Greetings, I liked it very much.


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Hello Edelberth,

Thank you for your heartful comment!

I participated in the Onyx data challenge competition and they provided the data for this month.
You can see the data here.
Rules for the competitions: Do check here

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Hello @kashishrastogi2000 that very interesting!.

From what little I understand they give you a clean data set and the job is to establish relationships and present it with that wonderful look, :dizzy: is it right?

Will be very nice to know that you was the next winner :trophy:

Thanks for sharing it, I already have it on bookmarks. Have a nice day, we see us here. :wave:


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