Data Visualization and EDA

*May I ask how can one master EDA and data visualization I mean how to choose the correct plot and when I am studied the data visualization course on DataQuest but still very confusing to men which plot I should choose and when ? are there any suggestions about that or which step exactly in DataQuest I will be able to understand this with finishing its project ?

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By practising on different datasets. Not many other options than that!

Developing this intuition and skill can take some time, but I would recommend going through the content again. The content explains in which case it makes sense to use which plot. For example, in Line Graphs and Time Series the content states -

When we have a pair of two numbers, we can map it on a graph by using the two numbers as coordinates…
…When we graph how something changes over time, we connect all the points with a line…
…Because we use lines to connect the points, the graph above is a line graph (also known as a line plot, or line chart…

For each plot that the content covers, there are some details on

  • what kind of data can be used to create that plot
  • how to analyze it
  • how to interpret that plot

So, go through the content and focus on the above three in relation to that plot. As you practice more, you will start to understand better which plot applies to which situation.

You can also find guides/articles online that can help you understand this better. A couple I found which look good -

The above will only make more sense as you practice using them more.