Data Visualization - Creating Multiple Line Graphs, Screen 5

Hi Sahil,

In the 3rd plot, may we take xlim ( 1916, 1920) .

Hi @sharathnandalike,

Your question appears to be incomplete. Can please provide me more details?


Hi @sharathnandalike. If I understand correctly, yes we could use xlim(1916, 1920) in the third graph and produce a similar result to the 3rd plot shown in the “Learn” section. However, this would not show the downward trend that can be observed between 1915 - 1916, which could be useful information.

Personally, I like showing subsets of data in 5 or 10 year time periods because it has a “clean” feel to it. This is an example of a type of decision that a data analyst/scientist will make when deciding how to present the data. There is no right or wrong way. But for the purposes of Dataquest answer checking, we provide specific criteria in the instruction so that the answer checker knows what to look for.

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