Data Visualization in R Course Updated!

Hi All,
We’ve updated the Data Visualization in R course. If you are currently working in the course, you may notice that (1) the order of the missions and screens has changed slightly, and (2) there are now more screens.

If you have completed the course, or if you have not started the course it should not affect you.

Almost all of the original content remains in the course - the course includes additional ggplot2 tools and functions. Such as:

  • Use “factors” (categorical data types) to arrange the order of variables in plots.
  • ggplot2 prefers “tall” or “long” datasets - use data reshaping techniques to optimize data for plotting.
  • Create multiple plots with the facet_wrap() and facet_grid() layers in ggplot().
  • New tools/techniques for enhanced plot aesthetics.

The course uses our custom-built ggplot() answer checker that provides useful information when submitted code differs from the answer code.

Happy plotting!