Data Visualization-Scatter Plots 5

when i submit my answer for screen 5 Write a Function to Create Multiple Scatter Plots, the error message says that my 1st plot doesn’t match what they expected. but when i look into my actual graph, i can not find difference with the expected graph. can someone please help me with this.


here is my code:

ggplot(data = reviews_2) +
aes_string(x = x, y = y) +
geom_point(alpha = 0.3) +
xlim(1,5) +
ylim(1,5) +
theme(panel.background = element_rect(fill = “white”))
x <- “Fandango”
y <- c(“Rotten_Tomatoes”, “IMDB”,“Metacritic”)

Hey @zong! Do you mind adding the link to the mission you’re working on? This will help others to be able to see what you’re working on and run your code. Thanks!


Hello @zong. Your code is also correct. Unfortunately our answer checker for ggplot2 is very strict. We are actively working on developing an answer checker that is more flexible and allows for differences in syntax. The answer checker is looking for x_var and y_var for the variable names.

Sorry for any confusion! We’ll hopefully have our improved answer checker rolled out in early 2020.

understood. thank you very much.