Datacamp vs Dataquest and how long will it take?

Hello guys. I’m new to Dataquest, still haven’t subscribed yet but planning to do so in the next few days! From the reviews I’m getting, it seems that Dataquest is better than Datacamp but I’m wondering why it’s more expensive. So can you please tell me what made you choose Dataquest over other learning platforms and for those who already started, do you know how long will it take to finish the data scientist program if I study for approximately 25 hours per week?
Thank you very much.

Hey @pacha! I’m a little biased, and I won’t speak to your first question, but I can send you here to check out about how long each Path takes.

Based on your 25 hours per week commitment, with the Data Scientist Path taking 240 hours, it will take you ~10 weeks complete!

Edit: this article was also shared - it might be a good read for you!


Thank you very much @Mary

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Hello @pacha . I am a user of both the platforms - Dataquest and Datacamp. I have been using datacamp for 5 months and dataquest since a week. When I compare both the platforms it feels like datacamp is better for absolute beginners as courses there are easy to follow. But in this case dq may confuse you a little bit as most of the concepts are taught as a mixture of one or more concepts. If you are familiar with a little bit of programming you should go with dq because the exercises are challenging and fun. And there is no need to take notes as you learn cause they provide key takeaways after each lesson.


Hi @pacha. I understand your question and concern. Its only natural to question in order to make the best choice. After loads of researching and crawling through forums, I have concluded that, if you want to invest your time into learning by doing, then Dataquest is the place to be. Nevertheless, if you think that you need video guidance along with interactive multiple choice questions, and that this is integral to your learning then maybe Datacamp would be better. While my response might be biased as well, simply because I have decided to continue with Dataquest, I think that learning by doing projects (guided projects on dataquest) as well as going through content by doing is the best and more efficient way to learn. Hope this helps :slight_smile: Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss further


Hi @kamranmk. Thank you for your answer. I’m more into learning by doing projects, so I suppose that Dataquest is the best option for me. Another question: do you think that completing the data scientist program will make me job-ready, since that’s my goal? Thanks.

Hi @pacha, you are welcome :slight_smile: I might not be the best person to ask since I am doing data analyst path, but whether you get a job as a data scientist depends on various factors and I think while dataquest can help you build the necessary background, ultimately there are other things such as getting more online presence by keeping blog or contributing to the community, actively participating in events and etc.

Wow, I have the complete opposite view to you @sayali_kutwal. I found Datacamp was very good, however it was a bit scatty rather than linear in the way it led from one topic to the next, often requiring you to need to use syntax you haven’t yet been introduced to. I also found that data camp does too much for you, although it appears DQ does it a bit too.

I think the user should be forced to import the data and import the modules you need, all the time, just like in real life. This builds muscle memory and it just then becomes 2nd nature.

I do love the community interaction that Data camp do. Luckily DQ is coming off the awful mess known as Slack. But Datacamp do awesome code along sessions which I enjoy. They have lots of challenges to try out as well, a mobile app to do your quizzes on, they have a section on their site publishing all the latest news they find and their podcast. They do a lot to keep the community engaged, its a lot more than just a site where you learn skills then never return.

@RobLW, try to put together all the individual parts (or sub-missions) into a single python file. It helps to recap about the libraries or modules needed.

@pacha, I am on track to complete Data Scientist Path on six-seven weeks about ~200 hours or so. I am a 15 hours per day commitment. Discipline is key to stay committed and focused.

Yes, now you can search for history or any articles. Interaction is more centralized and more formal.

@sayali_kutwal, regardless of whether the course provides notes, by taking notes, you can recap other key concepts that the provided missed.

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Thank you Mary for this links - they are very useful :slight_smile: keep up the good work :sunny:

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15 hours per day, wow, serious workload. How did things end up for you?