Dataquest content roadmap

Hi Dataquest learners,

Sharing with you the nearest plans of Dataquest on introducing new courses:

Happy learning! :mortar_board:


I am most excited about Data Science for Finance.


I’ve been using AWS for some time so I’m excited about AWS Cloud Practioner! That’s very cool. Also, the NLP seems very nice, it’ll be exciting to know more about it.


Very excited about the addition of Power BI to the course catalog! I teach Power BI in college, I’m sure Data Quest will be an excellent resource for my students. Any possibility perhaps of getting early access to the material?

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Excited about the Azure courses! These could really help me advance in my current role.

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Hi Louis,

Welcome to the Community! It’s cool to have data professionals among us! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Oh, but the courses on Power BI are going to be launched really soon, so it will be early access for everyone already :grinning:

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Wow! Lots of great offerings. I love Excel and think it’s underrated in the Data Analysis/Science arena. I’ve been wanting to learn Tableau, PowerBI, and AWS. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for those!



Will there be any prerequisites for undertaking the Power BI skill path?


Hi @Sultan,

No prerequisites are needed. This path will be beginner-friendly.