Dataquest & Dat0s Scholarship Program Application


Please how can I apply for this scholarship?

Dat0s’s discord server is invalid

How do I contact Dat0s for scholarship consideration?

Hmm… yeah, the link is invalid on the official page as well -

cc - @nityesh

If you know someone with a valid link, kindly share or ask them to share.

It’s the weekend, but hopefully, someone from DQ should look into this and possibly update this soon in the coming week.


Datos removed all those who requested them for scholarship from their channel. They have also blocked the students so that they cannot message them directly or ask anything related to it. When I came here I saw this thread and thought of informing it.

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Thanks for the heads-up. I thought as much.

Any other way of joining them?

Thanks for informing us about this @oaajagbe, @vsswing and @the_doctor. I’ve informed the Success team about this but most of the team is out today on account of Labour Day in the US.

We’ll sort this out ASAP.


Thank you @nityesh.
I really appreciate it.