Dataquest Projects on LinkedIn

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to ask about if it is okay to put Data Quest Projects on LinkedIn?
Also, another question I had is how do I start an independent project? I am very lost about what topic, how to get a data set, how to derive questions so I can start my very first independent project?

Thank you


Hi @nazifataha1:

Sure you can put them in the projects section and provide a link to your github repo.

My suggestion is to do one regarding what you have learn most recently so that you can put your skills into practice. It can also be one that you have interest/passion in, which would greatly motivate you to complete it. You can think about the problems in your daily lives which you maybe able to solve using the technology you have learn (Python, R, Numpy, Pandas, CLI, Git etc.)

There are many popular datasets out there which you can utilise, most can be found on Kaggle. How you may approach this is documented in this video

As my main expertise lies in deep learning, I would advice you to follow the universal workflow of machine learning. For Data Science/ML in general: I would ask myself what is the outcome I intend to achieve and then from there list down the steps to be taken and my desired output at every step (e.g. for data cleaning maybe you want to have a cleaned dataframe with irrelevant columns and NaN values removed).

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for the detailed advice you gave me :slight_smile:
I really appreciate it. I feel a lot more confident now after reading what you wrote.
I will follow what you mentioned and I am looking forward to the progress I make.
Once again, thank you for taking your time and advising me with so many details :slight_smile:

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