Dataset Download

Please i need help to download the dataset for “Guided Project: Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors”. I have tried downloading from the github repo given but i am finding it difficult. I don’t know why

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Hi @oriji.sandra

There are three ways to download the data

  1. Through github, and sometimes you need to do some tricks
    1.1 click in the file that you want, in this case is “recent-grads.csv” then this screen is opened

    if you clic in Raw a window with the raw data it’s opened
    Then you can copy the data and save it in a .txt file and change the extension to .csv OR

  2. Instead of clicking in Raw, you click on it with the right button and go to “save link as” and you get the csv file OR

  3. In the project screen you can click on “Download”

    And you will get the data and the basics.ipynb notebook in a zip file. Wich is a great option if you worked on the notebook and want to save all you did in your pc

Hope this helps you
Good luck!

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Thank You for the breakdown steps. It was very helpful

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